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New Consumer Booklet and Video from the PTSD Alliance

Hope for Recovery: Understanding Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

In clear and sympathetic language, Hope for Recovery seeks to dispel the myths about PTSD that keep many people from recognizing the problem and obtaining help. As a companion to the booklet, the documentary-style video portrays the personal stories of PTSD patients, interwoven with professional guidance offered by experts from the Alliance member organizations.

The booklet and the video address risk factors for PTSD and its symptoms and provides information on treatment options and how family and friends of someone with PTSD can provide support and help in the recovery process. Both the booklet and video are available free of charge.

Free Consumer Information Packet

The PTSD Alliance offers consumer education materials free of charge by calling the PTSD Alliance Resource Center’s toll-free number (please allow two to three weeks for delivery). By ordering, you’ll receive:

  • Hope For Recovery: Understanding PTSD booklet
  • Sidran Foundation bookshelf catalogue
  • Sidran Traumatic Memories brochure
  • Sidran Foundation organizational brochure
  • ADAA organizational brochure
  • ADAA Posttraumatic Stress Disorder brochure
  • ACOG pocket cards: "Stay ALERT! Stay SAFE!" and "No matter how you say it, it’s all abuse"
  • ACOG’s Internet bookmarks
  • ACOG’s Violence against Women reference materials
  • What is ISTSS?
  • ISTSS Report: Childhood Trauma Remembered
  • Business reply card to order free consumer video


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