What is PTSD?

Who's at Risk?





Getting Help

Who's at risk for developing PTSD?

Those at risk include:

  • Anyone who has been victimized or has witnessed a violent act or who has been repeatedly exposed to a life-threatening situation.

  • Survivors of:

- Domestic or intimate partner violence
  - Rape or sexual assault or abuse
  - Physical assault such as mugging or carjacking
  - Other random acts of violence such as those that take place in public, in schools or in the workplace
  • Survivors of unexpected events in everyday life:

- Car accidents or fires
  - Natural disasters, such as tornadoes or earthquakes
  - Major catastrophic events such as a plane crash or terrorist act
  - Disasters caused by human error such as industrial accidents
  • Children who are neglected or sexually, physically or verbally abused or adults who were abused as children

  • Combat veterans or civilian victims of war

  • Those diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or who have undergone invasive medical procedures

  • Professionals who respond to victims in trauma situations such as emergency medical service workers, police, firefighters, military, and search and rescue workers

  • People who learn of the sudden, unexpected death of a close friend or relative


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