Beachway Therapy Center

We Can Help Treat Your Addiction and PTSD

Beachway Therapy Center is a state licensed dual diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Florida. Beachway Therapy Center is dedicated to providing intensive, deep therapy to addicts and alcoholics suffering from the disease of addiction.


Do I Have PTSD?I Need Help

Our policy is to utilize professionally trained therapists, who specialize in specific areas of addiction treatment to obtain our goal of intensive, deep-rooted therapy. Therapies used by our professionals are Music Therapy, Psychodrama Therapy, Equine Therapy and Art Therapy, along with other main stream therapeutic processes to achieve our goal of reaching deep within the client and discovering the core issues to be addressed. Our personalized treatment plans are designed to address other issues such a Trauma, Grief and Loss, Borderline, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Issues, Sex addiction, Eating Disorders and more.

Beachway Therapy Center has a unique and successful approach to treatment. We provide our guests with a safe structured environment geared toward their own success. Guests are pulled from the chaotic grip of their disease and guided to recovery. This process starts with a structured living environment. Guests are supervised 24/7 and provided a safe comfortable living environment. This environment is designed to mimic independent living. Guests at Beachway Therapy Center shop for the foods they like, cook their own meals, and clean their own homes. They start to live life on life’s terms. Relearning to take care of life’s simplest tasks. This is their foundation for successful living.

Beachway Therapy Centers guests are taken to community 12 step meetings. This exposes our guests to people who are in recovery. Proving to them that it can be done if they are willing to make the change. Beachway Therapy Center provides structured weekend outings. These weekend outings are designed to allow our guests to find the joy in life. Guests will go to the beautiful beaches of south Florida, enjoy snorkeling trips, BBQ’s in the park, mini golf, bowling, and more. These outings help those paralyzed by their addiction to get excited about recovery and explore all life has to offer. Addiction and alcoholism has robbed most of their ability to enjoy life. Beachway Therapy Center is committed to giving their guests the life they deserve.

Beachway Therapy Center combines important life skill training with experienced proven therapeutic techniques to create one of the most comprehensive addiction and alcoholism treatment programs available. Our experienced staff understands and relates to the struggles of both the addicts, alcoholic and their families.

Extensive family therapy is part of the process at Beachway Therapy Center. Beachway Therapy Center attacks every facet of this disease with individually designed and specific treatment plans. We offer multiple phases of treatment to ensure success. Therapists at Beachway Therapy Center have only five clients on their individual case loads. This ensures each guest is given the attention they need. Beachway Therapy Center also accepts most major medical insurance plans. Call today to speak with an outreach specialist.